Fontie converts your desktop fonts into web fonts that work everywhere and puts them along with the CSS in one fine @font-face package. Various options give you the possibilty to fix and optimize your webfonts.

Various formats

Fontie can generate WOFF, WOFF2, EOT, SVG, TTF & OTF font files. Its CSS @font-face rule automatically chooses the best font available for each browser.

Easy subsetting

Fonts usually contain a lot of characters that you don't need on your website. Fontie allows you to remove unneeded characters from the font to reduce the file size of the webfont.

Automatic hinting

Hinting is what separates good-looking fonts from bad fonts. Fontie uses Werner Lemberg's ttfautohint, one of the best auto-hinters available, to automatically add hints to your font.

    Unicode ranges

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